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Divya Avipattikar Churna

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Avipattikar choorna is Purgative, Carminative & benefits in acidity & Hyper acidity, Indigestion, Constipation, Heart Burn & vomiting.

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Divya Avipattikar Churna

Divya Avipattikar Churna

Avipattikar choorna is Purgative, Carminative & benefits in acidity & Hyper acidity, Indigestion, Constipation, Heart Burn & vomiting.

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Product description

Avipattikar choorna is Purgative, Carminative & benefits in Acidity & Hyper acidity, Indigestion, Constipation, Heart Burn & vomiting. This herbal remedy is completely safe to use & does not cause any side effects. It is made from natural herbs found in great Himalayas.

Avipattikar Choorna for Acidity

Avipattikar Choorna is traditionally used to remove excess Pitta (Fire) from the stomach & small intestine. This ayurveda remedy alleviates Hyper acidity, Heartburn & Indigestion. High Pitta (Fire) produces the problem of Acidity or Hyper Acidity. To reduce High Pitta (Fire) in the abdomen, Avipattikar Choorna is very good. For hyper acidity & abdominal aches being a mild laxative it makes the stool soft, helps to check mild constipation & improve the appetite.

Avipattikar is recommend for complete manage of your acidity, burning stomach & indigestion problems. This is natural digestive tonic which helps in regularizing digestion process & manages acidity problem. A regular course of this ayurveda medicine gives good results & generally no further medication is required. Avipattikar choorna control acid secretion from stomach walls & helps in easy & timely movement of food from stomach to intestines.

This Ayurveda medicine is completely safe & protect stomach walls from strong acids to manage gastric ulcers & pain. Regular course of these medicines is very helpful in regurgitation of food, hyper-acidity, stomach pain, indigestion, nausea & burning in stomach, neck & chest region. So take a regular course of these medicines for almost three months & control your diet.

Available in : 100 grams.

Avipattikar Choorna Constituents

Sonth (Zingiber officinale) - 1%
Mirch (Piper nigrum) - 1%
Peepal (Piper longum) - 1%
Harar (Terminalia chebula) - 1%
Bahera (Terminalia bellirica) - 1%
Amla (Emblica officinalis) - 1%
Nagarmotha (Cyperus rotundus) - 1%
Vayevidanga (Embelia ribes) - 1%
Elaichi (Elletaria cardamomum) - 1%
Tejpaat (Cinnamomum tamala) - 1%
Laung (Syzgium aromaticum) - 8%
Nishodh (Operculina turpethum) - 32%
Sugar - 49%
Salt - 1%

Avipattikar Choorna Dosage

Take 3 to 6 grams (1 tea-spoon to 1 tea-spoon) of Avipattikar Choorna with fresh water, three times a day after meals or as needed.

Causes of Acidity

  • Taking too many medicines & that too quiet a long time may cause disturbed digestive system.
  • Some people may have low digestive fire & over eating habit etc. which can also cause acidity problem.
  • Taking fatty, spicy & over cooked meals also increases risk of hyperacidity.
  • Tea, coffee & alcohol can also cause burning sensation in stomach.

Tips for Acidity

  • Slight changes in our dietary habits & diet can manage acidity problem.
  • Severe cases can be completely managed with regular course of ayurveda medicines.
  • Timely emptying of stomach manages acidity & ease in digestion of food. Practice pranayams regularly for better health.
  • You have to be careful regarding diet & avoid taking spicy & oily foods. Due to improper food habits, & improper lifestyle, there will be pitta or heat in the body.

Yoga & pranayama for acidity

Vajrasana, shavana, suryanamaskara, Bhujangasana, sarvangasan, Pranayamas like anuloma-viloma pranayama, other pranayamas like Bhastrika, shitali, shitakari, jalandhar bandha are very helpful.

Doctor's Advice - Question / Answers

Question: sir iI am 51 years old and had a heart attack in March 2006 two stunt were implanted . After 10 days my heart beat were increased by 250 and a shock was givien to me . I doing yoga since 4 and 8 months and the treatment is going on in allopath. I am diabitic . At present I am taking following medicine For Sugar - Madhunasini 1 tab two time ChandraPrabhavati 1 tab two time For insomnia - Medhavati 1 tab. 2 time Avipattikar Chuna once at night a subsitute oa patoprazole ( Pantop ) and Gas Har Churna The allopath medicne are Clopidogerel 75 & Asprin 150 Losartan 25 mg Carvedilol 12.5 two time 1 tab. each time Amiodarone 100 1 tab. Now I want to shift to Ayurved and want to switch off my English medicine like pl advice What madicine may reduced ? What is the Ayurvadic tab. Is hardiyamrit ok ? s.k.mittal delhi india

Answered by Dr.Sharma : Dear MR.Miital Heart Condition make people worried . But right kind of approach helps deal with it .First of all never stop or start a medicine abruptly and without consulting the doctor . You should not take Avipattikar Churna instead take 'Amlant' which contains relatively less sugar. Stopping above said medicines may not a be good idea ,if at all ,only after proper pathological examination. Rather than having Hridyamrit vati ,first start with Arjuna Amla Juice for Heart Problems and Divya Arjun Kwath. Then after sometime may be start with Hryidyamrit vati. Thanks
Question: Dear Doctor Ramani Madam, As per your advice I am using Gandharvahastadi kashayam, Agasthya rasayanam + Mahatiktaka ghritham and sooktyn tablet for the past one month. There is no improvement of stomach inflammation and burning sensation. Kindly suggest me may I continue the medicines or any other medicines to carryon. Every day i am feeling uneasiness of severe burning sensation and smother feeling in the stomach.

Answered by YogaGuru : From Suresh: Dear Doctor Ramani Madam, As per your advice I am taking Mulethi Kwath, Avipattikar Churna, Muktashukthi Bhasma, Kamadudha Ras and Haritaki Churna since 4 day. I feel very little relief. Now burning sensation spreaded knees, arms and sometimes whole body. Stomach inflammation is disturbing me. How long I should take the above Hyper acidity medicine package. Kindly suggest something more to get rid of this disease. Now I changed my eating habbit. Burning and flaming is coming in the stomach frequently. What I do that time to overcome..? Expecting your reply. Thank you
Question: Namaskar swami ji, I am suffering from mild abdomen pain on right side since2-3 days. This also appeared 2 months back and subsided with homeopathic medicines. That time I did sonography done and it was normal. Now again this pain has started. I am afraid. I have a question that: 1. Can this problem be solved ONLY with 7 pranayama as suggested by baba ramdev. Can I do these pranayamas? I dont want to get in the antibiotics. 2. Can I also do 7 asanas? Please suggest asap. Thanks in advance, Manohar

Answered by Dr.Arindham : Dear Manohar i, Greetings from myyog.com! Pain i the right side of he abdomen can be due to many cause, but as you had suggested that your USG reports were normal then what we can consider that due to dis balance of Vata dosha along with pitta dosha this problem has occurred. What i can suggest that as there is no such relevant problem in your USG report then you can go with the 7 pranayam and that will not cause any such problem but in the meanwhile while doing these pranayama or after the pranayam if the pain increases then stop them and consult the doctor. Apart from this you can take some basic herbal formulation like Livomap Tablets, Divya Chitrakadi Vati and if you have someproblem with your stools then can also take one spoon of Divya Avipattikar Churna for one month and it will help you a lot. For any further query feel free to contact us. Regards
Question: I am 28 yr old boy. I am suffering from gastric, indigestion, constipation from 3 years. I am adviced to take abhipitikar churns twice a day. It is quite helpful. But I want to know that can I take trifala churan and abhipitikat churan together and what should be the doses.

Answered by Dr.Ramani : Divya Avipattikar Choorna can be continued. You need not take both together. As you are finding relief with Avipattikar churnam please continue for a month and then review. Triphala churnam is advised commonly in pitta, vata condition. Avipattikar churnam is advised in Sama pitta with symptoms of severe burning sensation, nausea and bloating. After a month, you can follow some healthy lifestyle measures to improve the digestion. Take little food with more frequencies. Avoid having late supper. Try to drink warm ginger water when your digestion is poor. Include flax seeds, prunes, figs, yam, small onion, raisins, green leafy vegetables, fiber and complex carbohydrates. Reduce excess cold foods, canned foods, sweets, oil and carbonated beverages. Yogasanas like Utkadasana, Padahasthasana, Vajrasana, Dhanurasana, Padmasana, Pavanmuktasana and Bhujangasana will be beneficial.
Question: hi,i am 23 yr old girl suffering from acidity accompanied by gas formation heartburn from around 2-3 months.loss of appetite.plz suggest ayurvedic medicine & what food to and what not't to.

Answered by Dr.Geetika : Acidity and gas formation are due to ill eating habits and taking improper food with sedentary life style.In Acidity stomach witness excessive acid secretion.It is reffered to as Amalpitta.You can take Avipattikar churna for acidity before meals and Gashar churna for gas.Take Aloevera juice empty stomach and avoid taking heavy and junk food.Donot take spicy food items and caffeinated products like tea,coffee and colddrink.It is because of acidity only that you dont feel eating anything once your stomach upsets subsides your apetite will increase on your own.Take lot of fibrous food and drink lot of water.Take fruits on regular basis. Dr Geetika
Question: How to control Acidity Which aggravates after dinner and sometimes after breakfast. I feel burning sensation in stomach and chest area. This is accompanied by intermittent cough/ vomiting. I took Pan pazrol which subsided Acidity for some time.

Answered by Dr.Geetika : Acidity is when there is excessive production of acid.You can control acidity by avoiding fatty and spicy food.Tea ,coffee and alcohal should be avoided.You can take cold milk empty stomach.Drink lots of water.Take more of fibrous food.You can do pranayam and pavanmuktaasana ,utanpadasana.You can take Avipattikar churna mixed motipishti and kamdudharas.You can also take aloevera juice emppty stomach in the morning. Dr Geetika
Question: I started taking the package for Hyper acidity, I felt little relieved the first month (mar 2010) after taking the medicines but from 2nd month I started feeling nausea and dizzy after taking the medicine. So I stopped taking it. From may 2010 I started bleeding after going to stools, the blood looks bright red, some times the stools also have bright red blood in them. I observed that whenever I eat little green chilli/non-veg I am getting blood after stools or blood in stools. I am thinking this is piles (as my mother also had this problem once). Please suggest what diet should I follow. What medicines should I take for piles and I am still suffering from acidity problem also.

Answered by Dr.Krish : Hi, Pls first get it checked from your doctor whether you have piles or not. But make sure you don't have constipation. Her's the prescription for Acidity as well as for Piles. Amlant tablets Dosage: 2 tabelts twice daily after food. Hingwastaka Choornam: 1tsp with 1st bolus of rice + 1 tsp ghee before food twice daily Amrita Bindu - 3ml + 30ml water twice daily before food. Divya Avipattikar Churna Dosage: 1tsp with warm water twice daily after food. Jatyadi Tail Apply it externally during night and in the morning and sit in a tub for 10 mins( This is called as sitz bath ) Use this for 1 month and then revert back Diet: to Follow: Green leafy vegetables, almonds, figs, buttermilk, banana, Walking for 15-30 mins is a must. Don't follow: Deep fried food items, spicy foos, coffee, tea, fish, sugar, curds, cashew, meat. Thanks Dr.krish
Question: I am 45 years male.I feel very week &tired everyday. My skin is too dry. My dispersion is very light like water. Want advice to improve the aforesaid condition. Will there be any effect on my to be married life due to light dispersion ? Please advice. No medicines have so far been taken. Duration of the problem is for one year

Answered by Dr.Arindham : HI Greetings from myyog.com! Well as per your problem what we can say that your digestive fire is totally out f balance and also your doshas ( the vital energy which governs the body) is also out of balance and thus you are suffering from this problem. In such a case what we would like to suggest is to take the following ayurvedic formulations and i am sure you will be benefited from these. Divya Avipattikar Churna, Divya Chitrakadi Vati, Shilajit Capsules, Shatavari Capsules Regards
Question: Hello Doctor, I am 31 years old software engineer, from 2-3 years am getting very allergetic to cold, pollution ,dust, perfumes, deodorants and smoke my nose gets blocked/running mucous/sticky mucous ,mucous in throat(post nasal drip)and i experience dizziness, watery eyes and my mind is also not active and not able grasp things at work my performance went down. Allopathic doctor conveyed it simple allergy due to pollution and gave some allergy tablets and nasal spray but the symptoms did not go away. X ray report showed i have left frontal sinusitis, As allopathic medicines are not helping I have started taking homeopathic medicines from past 6 months i can feel little relief but still my nose gets runny/blocks and mucous in throat. I also have gastric problem from past 15 years or so, my stomach gets upset and gas forms on eating any Masala food, tasty salt(Azhinomoto),black pepper, dhaniya, pickles etc. I have stopped eating foods containing these items whenever I accidently eat these my stomach gets upset again with gas. I get excess saliva in my mouth it keeps coming even when i am not eating any masala items when i am exposed to pollution the saliva increases. I got my stomach endoscopy done 2-3 times they said there is no problem in the last report they said i have hiatus hernia. Currently i am having these problems Excess saliva in mouth it keeps coming when i swallow it my stomach gets upset and i feel head ache too so I spit it out instead of swallowing, Mucous in throat, Allergic rhinitis, Sinusitis and i can't eat any masala food as mentioned. Now i have stopped taking milk and milk products also, Please suggest me how i can get relieved from these symptoms.

Answered by Dr.Sharma : Dear Guest Your problem seems to be that of Vata and Kapha with a bit of pitta ,making it reactive even it smallest of exposures, the medicine may not help you entirely. Better would be to start Practicing Yoga. We would like to recommend you Yoga vcd and yoga vcd for stomach ailments combined you can practice.It will go a long way in achieving a good health. Panchkarma procedures like Nasya will be good for you [ But also tell your doctor about that you have hiatal hernia] it will help develop a better response to the external exposure and eliminate a lot of Kapha which is causing accumulations and excessive salivation, Once this is relived , Actually your stomach ailments and Nasal problems could be inter related. Never take a cold drink or ice cream or Nariyal etc during this course. You can take Avipattikar churna to start with . Observe the above you will feel a lot of relief and keep writing for further management. best of luck
Question: Dear Sir, i have a problem of acidity and pitt dosh. so, if i take the avipattikar churn for 2-3 month then it is better for me, but i have also problem of body heat and in avipattikar churn lavang is used so the so the next question is lavang is increase the body heat.

Answered by Dr.Sharma : dear if you feel that there is pitta dosha problem with you then you may observe all the regime which pertain to pitta. Avipattikar churna will be good for you every now and then , as it helps Pitta puragate out of the system Lavang is a balancing herb ,which is for digestion and etc, and percentage is reletively low so,there may be no Pitta aggravation with that. As Nishotha is the one putting Pitta out. YOU may also do Sheetali pranayam. avoid moving too much in sun and wind in hot summer. good luck

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