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A unique preparation containing shilajeet (shilajit) which helps in Sexual health, general Debility & fatigue.

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Manufactured By: Divya Pharmacy

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Shilajit sat is very helpful in controlling problem of Premature ejaculation in Males & improves Sexual health. A unique preparation containing shilajeet which helps in general Debility & fatigue.

Packaging size: 20 grams.

Ingredients of Shilajit Sat

  • Contains pure Shilajit - 100%.
  • Shilajit is a celestial exudation(resin) which trickles out from the high Himalayan range.
  • It naturally contains a fine mixture of seven metals such as gold, iron, silver etc. It is also called Shilajeet/Shilajatu.

Shilajit Sat Uses & Benefits

  • Use in male reproductive problems with premature ejaculation, spermatorrhoea, impotence & spermaturia.
  • It strengthens the whole reproductive system & is a tonic to the sex organs.
  • Most of the diseases (caused by the vitiation of rasa-dhatu) in this world can be efficiently controlled & managed by The Shilajeet (bitumen).
  • It is best rejuvenator which makes the body healthy & free from most of the diseases.
  • After controlling the different types of chronic & painful diseases such as Diabetes Mellitus, Obesity, Arthritis & General weakness, Shilajeet makes the body strong & lustrous.
  • It also benefits the female reproductive system where there is weakness, infertility, dysmenorrhoea & PMS arising in someone who is deficient & weak with high vata.
  • It is useful in cervical spondylitis, gout, sciatica, pain in the lumbar region & knee joints, joint pain, Parkinson & all other types of pain.
  • Very good remedy for cough, cold, rhinitis, coryza, asthma, bronchitis, weakness of lungs, tuberculosis, general debility, weakness of bones, seminal diseases, diabetes. It also promotes immunity power & can be taken by all men, women & even children.
  • Shilajit is commonly known as the fountain of youth. A herb used as anti-aging agent & promoting sexual health. It makes a young youth forever.
  • Rejuvenate your body with the worlds most powerful herb shilajit, gifted to mankind by Mother Nature. There is a thick sticky substance oozing out of the Himalayas derived from the decomposition of pure untouched, & un-reached herbs by man. Obtained by centuries of old Mother Nature factory, Shilajit will make you as strong as Himalaya, saving you from the harsh realities of life, such as aging & a reduced ability to sexual stamina. & powerful rejuvenator that helps protect you from getting to preserve the old strength & vigor at the same time.

According to Ayurveda, the world's most ancient & powerful medical system, Shilajit has been indicated that the increase of physical force, anti-aging factor, the percentage of sugar in the blood changer any more effective in diabetes, & to increase sexual desire, in the early wound managing, stimulating the brain, & fractures , immune changer any more inner strength to combat disease, & loss of weight & blood pressure, & compensation for mineral deficiencies, & removes general body weakness, joint pain & rheumatism.

Shilajit Sat Dosage & Administration

  • Mode of Administration for shilajit: Should be taken with hot milk. People who do not take milk can take it along with hot water.
  • Shilajit sat dosage: 1-2 drops in Morning & in Evening after dinner. It can be mixed with warm / hot milk.

Shilajit Sat Side effects

Shilajit or shilajeet has no known side effects if proper dosage is administered. Please refer to the dosage mentioned above.



Shilajit Sut is good

Sir, me shilajit sat ka istmaal two months se kar rha hu muje isse kaafi fayda hua h lakin muje silajit sat ka istmaal karne per baar baar pasab aata h

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Divya Shilajit Sat (pure shilajit extract) 20 gm

Divya Shilajit Sat (pure shilajit extract) 20 gm

A unique preparation containing shilajeet (shilajit) which helps in Sexual health, general Debility & fatigue.

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