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Charak Femiplex Tablets

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Femiplex is an ayurveda medicine made to be used for Leucorrhoea (Excessive Vaginal Discharge or White Discharge)
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Charak Femiplex Tablets

Charak Femiplex Tablets

Femiplex is an ayurveda medicine made to be used for Leucorrhoea (Excessive Vaginal Discharge or White Discharge)

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Product description

Femiplex is an ayurveda medicine made to be used for Leucorrhoea (Excessive Vaginal Discharge or White Discharge)

Femiplex tablets Indications
1) Persistent or recurrent abnormal vaginal discharge (leucorrhoea) of mixed etiology.

Dosage: General: Two tablets twice a day till discharge stops.

Packaging size: 75 tablets.

Femiplex tablets Benefits

  • Ashoka chhal, Lodhra. Kankola & Phitkari Shuddha are astringents that reduce excessive vaginal discharge.
  • Triphala & japa chhal relieve pruritus.
  • Chandanam, Daruharidra, Ashoka chhal & Trivang bhasam is effective for the vaginal discharge of infective origin.
  • Gandharars, Gokshru & triphala act as pelvic decongestants thereby decreasing the amount of vaginal discharge.
  • Loh bhasam & Guduchi provide nutritional support.
  • Ashwagandha, Shatavari & Chandanam allay anxiety & normalize mood swing.
  • Thus, FEMIPLEX benefits in leucorrhoea of mixed etiology by virtue of its ingredients.
  • Home Remedies for Leucorrhea

    • Take the root of amaranth & rub in a glass of water before draining & take at least twice a day for management of leukorrhea. If the roots are not available, you can use the leaves & branches of the same, since they are so effective in managing the disease. This continues to be among the best natural remedies for the disease very.
    • Take Amalaki powder & add a little honey & sugar, before drinking a glass of water. This can also be used in milk or to make a paste & applied to the genitals as an effective management of leukorrhea.
    • Take a few drops of sandalwood oil every morning & evening as a management for the condition. The oil contains beneficial minerals & compounds for the management of leucorrhoea & has been found to work effectively.
    • Take cool baths several times a day hip to effectively manage & cure disease. It is important to ensure that the genital area is fresh & clean helps get rid of the bad bacteria that cause vaginal discharge.
    • To remove thick vaginal discharge as a result of the disease, have a good amount of turmeric & mix well with guggulu, before consuming. The resort is very beneficial in the management of leukorrhea as well as all the symptoms associated with it. Turmeric can also mix well with garlic & after eating, to get great results from the condition, especially in cases where the discharge is thick & itchy.
    • Mix asparagus & Withania somnifera & boil before allowing the consumption of cooling & after. The remedy gives excellent results for patients suffering from the disease, it is quite effective, making it one of the most popular natural remedies for this condition.
    • Take a banana with some ghee at least twice a day to eliminate the symptoms of vaginal discharge. The remedy is simple & has proven very effective in curing the disease. It is also important to eat regularly or more mature ripe bananas as diet & the management of leukorrhea.
    • Take betel nuts & crush them with rose petals. Add a little sugar & then used as a shower. The same can drink the water, to give effective results of the condition.
    • Make a paste of Smilax China powder & milk before applying to the genitals as a management for the condition. The same can be taken twice a day manage the condition irritating. The remedy is known, when it comes to getting rid of the discharge & is widely used.
    • Take cumin seeds, & before that blend well with honey & apply on the area of ??the vagina. The solution can also be taken as a mixture for the effective management of leukorrhea.
    • Take yoga classes, as the exercise regimen is known to work well in curing the disease

    DO'S & DON'TS
    1) Maintain good hygiene of vaginal area.
    2) If you find any discharge or itching, take medical advice immediately
    3) Wear undergarments which fit well & which absorb moisture eg.cotton
    4) Do eat balanced meals & healthy food, & get the right amount of sleep. Eat a nutritious meal rich in fresh vegetables & fruits. Avoid high fat meals.
    5) Do take your medicine regularly. Your medicine wont work if you only take it once in a while.
    6) Consumption of cows milk, cows ghee is useful.


    1) Excessive vaginal douching with strong chemicals can cause harm
    Wearing of nylon undergarments can lead to inflammation & itching. Avoid them.

    Doctor's Advice - Question / Answers

    Question: sir/madam, Age:31 Gender: female I got married in dec 15th 2011, but I have no childrens yet now, now we are planning for childrens, the main problem is white discharge, it is thicky, so many people said if white is discharging you cannot get pregnancy, is it real, i have seen a doctor she gave 12 tablets to use then it will control, then there is no itching problem to me, but there is acidity from one month. please give home remedies to cure.

    Answered by Dr.Saurabh : Dear Madam, First of all don't take any stress of getting pregnant. Yes, White discharge is a big issue which may affect your reproductive system. Let's find the root cause first. If it is due to poor hygiene practices then please make the genitals area clean by properly washing it. If its not the reason then there is definitely some disorder with your digestion and absorption system. If you have excessive white discharge then according to ayurveda, the satva of your body is lacking and so you have to be careful and start some herbs right away. Please start with Divya Patrangasava as 20 ml with 20 ml water after all three meals and Femiplex tablets as two tablets twice daily with water before meals. Also you can take chaval ka maand (rice water) to take the tablets which will help in better recovery. tc Dr Saurabh
    Question: i have a problem of leuchorea from last 6-7 yrs.. tl me some remedies... n i didnt have any treatment yet... n femiplex tablets is effective or not...

    Answered by Dr.Ramani : Yes, you can take Femiplex tablets which will help to reduce the excessive white discharge. As it contains the chief ingredients like asoka, lodra, guduchi, haridra, udumabara, jeeraka, dhanyaka, triphala, gokshura it will reduce the discharge and loha bhasmam, mandura bhasmam, swarnamakshika bhasmam, trivanga bhasmam, shuddha shilajit will increase the energy levels also. It is physiological when it occurs before the periods only but it becomes a problem when the discharge changes its colour with a foul smell. It commonly follows after bacterial or fungal infections, frequent urinary infections or after certain illness. You can take the medicines for a month and then review after a month. If it still persists please consult a gynecologist and do some investigations as advised. You can also take MusaliKhadiradi Kashayam - 15ml with 60ml of warm water before food twice daily and Pushyanuga churnam along with Femiplex tablets. Include yoghurt, berries, bananas, cumin, coriander leaves, mung dal and plums. Try to avoid excess oil, sugar, salt and fermented products. Practise Bhujangasana, Padahastasana, Padmasana, Siddhasana,Matsyasana, Shalabhasana and Pavanamuktasana which are beneficial. Always wear cotton panties and well fitting clothes.
    Question: A couple years ago, I my obgyn removed what she thought was a cervical polyp. When it went to the lab, it was discovered that the polyp had cancerous cells on it. At that time I had a papsmear that came back negative, but I did test positive for HPV virus (but not strains that are for cervical cancer, which are 16 and 18). Also, had vaginal ultrasound and no trace of anything. Shortly after removal of polyp, I had terrible burning pain. Went back to doctor, and she gave me orange pill to stop the burning. It never went away the burning so I started building my immune system with all kinds of herbs and changed my eating habits, no sugar no flour...lost weight and feel better. Burning comes and goes and is usually really bad before periods, but the discharge coming out from cervix area where polyp was removed from is terrible. I have to wear maxi pads all the time. Also, went to two other doctors who are trying to tell me I have cervical cancer, and did not do one papsmear, no blood work, how can they tell someone this? Terrible. Anyway, I have ordered the femiplex. Any other suggestions to help heal this. It is from exactly where she pulled the polyp from, this is where the burning and discharge is coming from----has been going on now for two years. Thanks a bunch,

    Answered by Dr.George : Dear sister, We went through your letter. We don't know what all doctors you had consulted. Let me know you some thing. As the HPV TEST any way appears positive i request you to consult an oncologist first to rule out any lesions. Do that immedietly with all your results. He can give you some direction. If nothing finds wrong with him you can do a sitz bath with wide spread legs in PANCHAVALKALA KASHAYAM . Make that 5 litres daily with panchavalkala kashaya choora. Add 200 grams of churna in 7 litres of water and reduce that to 5 lites. Use that in lukewarm state. Don't hesitate to consult the doctor. Do that at once. Do contact us for any more help. Regards Dr George.
    Question: Dear doctor, my 20-year-old female friend who is doing job at MNC. My concern is, I am facing excessive vaginal discharge which is clear at times and smelly at times. Please give me solution for the same.

    Answered by Dr.Vijay : Hello madam, Greetings from, Usually, having small amount of vaginal discharge is normal at the age of child bearing, when the glands of cervix produce clear mucus and these secretions may turn into white or yellow when exposed to external atmosphere and the amount of fluid may vary throughout the menstrual cycle and this phenomenon is normal and in all individuals it varies on hormone levels in the body. If there is emotional stress, sexual excitement, ovulation, or in pregnancy, if there is excess vaginal secretions, then it can be considered as normal. After considering these factors, you can analyse, if there is smelly fluid, or whitish discharge, there may be chances of any kind of infections, and the treatment will be accordingly. Usually if there is abnormal color, with foul smell, there may be itching or burning sensation. However, to keep uterine health in condition, you can consume the following medicines such as Femiforte, and Femiplex are useful medicines to be consumed internally. For more details, you can contact us. With regards, Dr.Vijay.
    Question: My age is 30 year, I have 2 childs, Before 4 year I did the operation of left overian cyst operation.After 3 year again same had been repeated but this time it dissolved by herbal medicine. Now remedies for not to repeat the overian cyst. Now my menstrual period is ok but quantity is less and facing problem of white discharge.

    Answered by Dr.Sharma : Dear Seema The problem OF White discharge can be managed by taking following medicine : 1.Divya Pusyanug Churna for Menstrual Problems with Rice water on "Pushya nakshatra". 2.Femiplex 3. Divya Patrangasava. Consume it regularly ,your condition will improve. Best of health.
    Question: hello,iam 46 yrs old female and do not really pose any health problem only slight back ache after doing any exercise or long walk or standing for a longer time and i hv tried and tested various diet plans and have lost wt and also gained wt gradually i am very keen on learning yoga through your institute at haridwar .please send me the info

    Answered by Dr.Vijay : Hello, As your age is 46 years where you are suffering from low backache which is having so many reasons. For menstruating women or for those who have uterine bleeding problem or those who have leucorrhea problem may get back pain apart from bony involvement. So, first of all you need to consult an allopath doctor or Orthopedician. As you are concerned about weight gain, it is also add on factor for low backache where there will be pressure effect on lumbar joint. So, after considering all these factors you may decide to go for proper treatment. There are combined therapies which you need to follow to gain good health and as a part of it, you may visit Haridwar for therapies and meanwhile you may consider consuming the following medicines such as Package Medicine for osteoarthritis that contains Ashwagandha Capsules, Guggulu Capsules, Shallaki Capsules, and Haridra Capsules and R compound and if you have white discharge problem you may use Femiplex which is useful. With regards, Dr. Vijay.

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