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Mall Tail (Oil)

About the product:

Mall Tail is an ayurveda oil for strengthening the penis muscles & making harder erections.

Manufactured By: Baidyanath

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Mall Tail (Oil)

Mall Tail (Oil)

Mall Tail is an ayurveda oil for strengthening the penis muscles & making harder erections.

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Product description

Mall Tail is an ayurveda oil for strengthening the Penis muscles & making harder erections. Mall taila manages erectile dysfunction in male by increasing the flow of blood in the male organ / penis. Harder erections brings more pleasure during sexual intercourse which satisfy the sensual desires of female partner. It increases the girth of penis making the muscle stronger & healthier. Few drop of mall tail prepared from herbal extracts can have amazing effect on your sexual life.

Packaging size : 5 ml. bottle.

Mall Tail Benefits & Uses

  • Used inErectile dysfunction in males.
  • Used inPremature Ejaculation orearly discharge during intercourse.
  • Strengthens the penis nerves & removes weakness from penis.
  • Manages the penis nerves & corrects the erection.
  • Mall Tail brings extra pleasure & confidence in your life.
  • Removes the bad effect of over-masturbation from penis.
  • Mall Tail Constituents

    • Sankhya - Used in reproductive disorders.
    • Jaiphal &Javitri - Used in male infertility & premature ejaculation. Another clever herbs with dual action, it both stimulates erectile function & astringes ejaculation. It is one of the primary aphrodisiacs used to tonify Semen.
    • Khurasani Ajowain - It calms the nerves.
    • Vijaya seed - Useful in genital herpes or any infection in penis or swelling.
    • Lavanga - Useful in Low sex drive, impotence, premature ejaculation & vaginal discharge.
    • Ajwain -Ajwain relaxes tension in the nervous system; especially in the lower abdomen, reproductive system.
    • Ajmoda - Very helpful in managing penis nerves.
    • Malkangni - It has anti-oxidant properties & is useful for penis health.
    • Amber -Amber penetrates deep into the skinand is best to improve blood circulation in the penis nerves.
    • Kesar -It is a renowned aphrodisiac herb that can help manage impotence & low libido. It rejuvenates the Semen & nourishes the reproductive tissues.

    Application & usage of Mall Tail

    Take 8 - 10 drops of Oil & massage on the penis area twice a day. Apply oil only on the skin & not on the tip of penis. For greater pleasure one can apply it half an hour before sexual intercourse.

    Mall Tail Side Effects & Precautions

    • It does not have any side effects but one should not apply it on the penis tip / soft muscle to avoid irritation & itching.
    • Massage it gently for 1 to 2 minutes half an hour before sexual intercourse.
    • This oil is for external use only.
    • Expiry date is 3 years.
    • This oil is only for Men.
    • It is produced by Baidyanath

    Doctor's Advice - Question / Answers

    Question: Doctor, I have heard that herbal supplements and herbs are userful for human body so can I request some information on Mall tail ?, waiting for your answer, kindly reply back.

    Answered by Dr.Sony : Hello, Mall tail is a proprietery ayurvedic medicine which is aphrodisiac in nature. It is manufactured and solely distributed by baidyanath. This oil is meant for the sexual well being exclusive to men. The ingredients present in this oil are sankhya, jaiphal, lavanga , vijaya seeds, ajamoda, amber and kesara. All these are purely aphrodisiac in nature. This oil shall be taken at a dose of 3 to 5 drops and is gently massaged over the body of penis. This shall be done half hour before the sexual activity. It is seen to stimulate the penile nerves and strengthen the muscles. Thus it enables stronger and deeper penetration. This medicine is found to be helpful in delaying climax as well. It is seen to be helpful in resolving sexual issues such as premature ejaculation as well.
    Question: I would like to know what is Mall Tail and what are its uses and benefits for men? Kindly also mention Mall taila ingredients and their herbal benefits. I would also like to know if there are any side effects of using this product for long duration? is it safe to use or not. If you can also provide some reviews before I consume this product would also be a great help. Warm Regards, George

    Answered by Dr.Sony : Hello, Mall tail is an oil which is purely prepared out of herbal extracts. All the ingredients present are aphrodisiac in nature. They are exclusively designed for use to men. The chief action of this oil is the strengthening of muscles in the shaft of penis and to give a harder erection. As the ingredients time of action is prolonged, erection lasts for a longer period of time. It consist of ingredients which can easily stimulate glands that are responsible for sexual arousal and sex drive. It is also easily absorbed and indirectly enables greater blood flow to the penis. The chief ingredients which are present in this oil are Jaiphal, ajamoda and vijay seeds. All other ingredients present helps in enhancing the action of these.It has to be used in the proper manner for a specified period as directed by the physician. All other details are given in the link below Mall taila
    Question: Dear Swamiji, My name is kiran and i am 32 year old. Last year i went through a vericocele operartion in july since then i am haveing (pennis) eractional problem and not able to have sex properly Please do help me any aayurvedic medicin and yoga for this. If you help me i am very helpfull. thanks Regards Kiran

    Answered by Dr.Vijay : Hello, Rarely after certain surgeries, that too related with male reproductive system, there may be chances of weak erection, usually that may persists for few days and regains. In your cases, you may wait for some time. However, I would like to suggest some medications for the same complaint. You may consume the following medicines such as Organic O joy capsules, Mall Tail Oil for external application. You may consult a doctor for more clarification with a doctor. Dr. Vijay