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Hamdard Kaminividrawan Ras is indicated in Erectile dysfunction, Impotency, Loss of Semen, Premature ejaculation, Gives Strength and Vitality. Size - 10 Grams

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Hamdard Kamini Vidrawan Ras is an Ayurvedic medicine, with herbal and mineral ingredients, in tablet form. It is used in aphrodisiac therapy and to relieve Premature Ejaculation problems in males. Premature ejaculation or Early discharge in men is a very common sexual disorder due to stress, lack of sleep, use of excess alcoholic substance, over smoking, lack of exercising, sitting job for long hours etc. This disorder of men can results in frustration, lack of satisfaction and on the extreme side bad marriage relationship as both the partners are unsatisfied. Kamini Vidrawan ras has such ingredients which not only controls premature ejaculation in men but also boost energy level to achieve harder erection and more satisfied and deeper pleasure.

Packaging size: 10 Gm. (40 Tablets)

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Manufacturer : Hamdard Laboratories.

Hamdard Kaminividrawan Ras Indications

  • Erectile dysfunction - One can achieve harder erection on using this herbal product.
  • Impotency & loss of libido can be fought by using kamini vidrawan ras.
  • Early discharge (Premature Ejaculation), person can stay longer in sexual intercourse. It Increases Sexual intercourse time
  • Loss of Semen - Using this product produces thick and healthy semen to achieve pregnancy.
  • Gives Strength, Vigor and Vitality.

Hamdard Kamini Vidrawan Ras Benefits

  • Satisfaction for both the partners, as healthy and strong male can only satisfy his partner, developing a strong bond between couple necessary for good marriage life.
  • It increases the confidence level in men among women.
  • It reduces the stress level and bring down anxiety level.
  • Increases flow of blood in the male organ (penis) and brings harder erections for deeper and long sustaining pleasure.
  • It is used as natural aphrodisiac and thickens the Semen.

Hamdard Kamini Vidrawan Ras Dosage

1 - 2 tablets once a day 1 hour before bed with warm milk or as directed by the physician. It is important to follow the correct dosage and men should not take overdose of this product for higher level of sexual pleasure. Overdose can cause addiction.

Does Kamini vidrawan has side effects?

This is safe to use ayurvedic medicine prepared as per ayurvedic sidhanta and it''s ingredients are prepared and processed with care so it does not have any side effect in general. But some times men seeking for extreme pleasure take overdose to boost their sexual power immensely, which is wrong because this will cause weakness in long run and invite addiction. Addictive men should reduce the dosage day by day. It is better to consult your doctor if you have doubt.

Note: This medicine is used more in North Indian Ayurvedic management method and should only be taken under medical supervision.




Impotency and poor vigor

It is wonder full product for those who are suffering from impotency and poor vigor and are not happy with married life

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Hamdard Kaminividrawan Ras

Hamdard Kaminividrawan Ras

Hamdard Kaminividrawan Ras is indicated in Erectile dysfunction, Impotency, Loss of Semen, Premature ejaculation, Gives Strength and Vitality. Size - 10 Grams

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