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Warts Disappeared with the practice of Pranayama

Respected Swami ji, I had developed on my nose a wart of about 1 inch size. I used to feel ashamed on that account. Out of helplessness, every 3rd or 4th day, I used to cut it with the help of a blade and had to bear a lot of pain. In fact, a wart is a life like thing. Cutting of wart caused a lot of bleeding. With the help of cotton, I used to wipe the blood oozing out of it. However, the wart continued to grow rapidly. Later, I saw your programmes of yoga and pranayaam on the TV and started practicing yoga and pranayaam everyday just for 30 minutes at home itself. I also started joining your Yoga shivirs. At that time, I used to practice Kapalbhati and Anuloma Viloma for just half an hour everyday. I continued this practice for a period of 2 years regularly. Gradually the wart vanished. This fact I concealed for several years. I remember the severity of pain I had to face on cutting of the wart which was growing very rapidly and was taking a strange shape on the nose. It so happened 3 years back, now that wart has disappeared. Infact, it is the effect of the inspiration I received indirectly from you swamiji that I was relieved from the problem of wart. It has added to my faith in the yoga

Satish Uppsdhyaya, Manendragarh, Chattisgarh

Complete Riddance From Prostate and Urinary Diseases

Baba Ramdev ji, I myself belong to a family of Vaidyas’ and I am myself an ayurvedic practitioner. Still, I had to undergo an operation, but even after that weakness of urinary bladder persisted. However, as per your instructions given in the Bhopal shivir and their after, I used ayurvedic medicines and practiced yog kriyas and now I am completely healthy. In Jain dharma, abhaydaan is the highest sort of charity as regards myself, I got such abhaydaan from your good self and it has given me a new life. Great benefactor saints of the nation like you may live long. Lot of respects and benevolence to you

B K Jain Vaidya, 469, New Haripura, Vidisha

Pranayama cured allergy giving me new life

For 4 years now, I have been doing Pranayam but only since the last one year, I have been doing it with faith. In this one year, my allergy has been completely cured. My mindset has also changed. With this visible result, I have also gained happiness and enthusiasm.

Omkar Parikh, Sagar Corner, Kasarvadi, Pune - 411034

Mental disorder eliminated by practicing Yoga Pranayama

Swami Ji.. I, Sarit Sanyal will remain greatful to you. By your blessings and grace I got permanent relief from mental disorder. In 1996, my family consulted a psychiatrist for my mental problem, who wrongly diagnosed and treated my problem as schizophrenia. After that (almost 1 year) I got married but there was no end of my problem. I was under this treatment for almost 11 years (from 1996 to may 2007). Several times I tried to convince my family members that schizophrenia is not my problem but they were not ready to accept. Lastly I consulted another psychiatrist on phone in December, 2007. When I explained my problem to him on phone he told me to meet him personally and also suggested that the way I am talking to him indicates that I don’t have such problem. Then I personally consulted him and he advised me to go through the E.E.G. and psychometric test. Next day on the basis of my tests results and clinical diagnosis (both) he confirmed that I am not suffering from schizophrenia, but my actual problem is depression and mental disorder. He further advised for the prolonged treatment and accordingly I started taking allopathic medicines as per his prescription. I took these medicines from December 2007 till August, 2008 and got positive response. In September., 2008, I went to your Patanjali Yog Kendra in Indore and consulted a Vaid ji over there. As per his advice I started taking ayurvedic medicines along with regular practice of Pranayam. I started practicing Kapal Bhati, Anulom- Vilom ( both 20 -25 minutes each) and other pranayams.I am totally on ayurvedic medicines for last three months. When I stopped taking allopathic medicines, I was afraid of sleepless nights and uncontrolled anger. But it was all my imaginations. Now I am completely healthy and can sleep whenever I feel like. Now I have got control on my temper and my life has become smooth and full of happiness. It’s all because of your grace and kindness.

Sarit Sanyal, 39,Greater Tirupati Colony, Behind Saint Paul School Indore (M.P.)

Stones dissolved with pranayama and medicines

I had been suffering from stomachache. On 14 March 2008, on doing an ultrasound it was reported that my right kidney had a 13.1 mm stone. The doctor said that for such a big stone, surgery was the only answer. After this, I visited the Vaid at the Patanjali Yogpeeth centre at Muradabad. He prescribed Ayurvedic medicines such as Asmari Ras, Divya Vrik Doshar Kwarth, Hajrul Yahud Bhasma and Vrik Doshar Vati. Apart from regularly doing Pranayam, I also took these medicines. On 10th November 2008, I again did an ultrasound, the report of which was normal.

Anshu Bishnoi, Village: Mukhtarpur Navada, P.O.: Kanth Muradabad (U.P.) - 244501

Yoga And Self Confidence Enable Me To Stand On My Own Legs

Swami ji Maharaj, Here I am, Dinesh Jagaanath Vahar from Dhule, Maharashtra, to write this letter to you. Swamiji, 3 years ago, in a road accident, both of my legs had been crushed. Taking bones from my back, I was operated up on my legs. Pieces of bones were joined with the help of steel rods, plates, screws and wires. Hope of success was least. Doctors were of the opinion that I will be able to stand with the help of crutches but I had vowed not to touch such gadgets and had taken firm decision to walk on my own legs. A lot of power came to me to stand against such odds just because of you. Swamiji, in those days I used to see you on the TV. I used to do some yoga exercises. But after accident, I  was in the bed and started doing some Anulome Vilome and Kapaal bharti. Everyday in the morning, I used to do some yoga pranayaam in your presence on the TV. It was a great miracle that I regained my broken bones back. My lifeless legs had a stir of life and with in one year I was able to stand on my own legs. Swami ji it was a miracle and nobody believed that I will able to walkwith my own legs. I had faith on god and trust in you. In fact, I owe my success to you and you are god for me. I pay my highest regards to you.

Dinesh Vahar, 72, Bheem Nagar, Satki Road, Opp. Gurukul High School, Dhule Maharashtra

Pranayama Warded of Several Diseases

Baba Ramdev Maharaj, On the basis of your book “Pranayaam Rehsya”, I constantly practiced for 30 months, the Bhastrika Pranayama for 5 minutes, Kapalbhati pranayama for 20 minutes, Anuloma Viloma pranayama for 20 minutes, Bhramri pranayama for 10 minutes, Karanrogantak pranayama for 5 minutes, Moorcha pranayama for 5 minutes everyday leading to the complete and final treatment of the diseases like excessive urination, puss from the urethra and flowing of ear and hearing disorder. All these diseases were cured without any medicine. Now, I am fully healthy. Many many thanks for the same to your good self.

Yaspal Singh Shastri, Village and Post office, Shahgarh, Distt. Aligarh


I would like to share with you that one of my kidneys had been removed in my childhood. I had been suffering from asthma for nearly 4546 years. I started practicing yoga from December 2006. Within two weeks, I got almost 90 per cent relief. Now I am experiencing great happiness and joy. It is almost as if a big burden has been lifted off my body. I am deeply indebted to you. Inspired by you, I have also started an organization with 240 members so that knowledge of yoga is spread to one and all.

Swadesh Ranjan Karmakar 1/4 A Ashok Nagar, Tritiya Tal Tollygunge, P.O. Regentwurm, Kolkata: 700040


I was extremely troubled by prostrate problems. I did an ultrasound of the abdomen in July 2007. The report stated that both kidneys and prostate was in bad shape. Doctors advised me to go in for an operation but in July 2007 itself I went to Patanjali Yogpeeth and met Vaid Pankaj Srivastav. He gave me medicine and along with medicine also advised me to practice Pranayam and Yoga. I regularly practiced Yoga and at the same time, also took the medicine. On 16 April, 2008, I did another ultrasound of the abdomen. This showed that the lobulated isolated mass in my right kidney has completely disappeared. Prostate was also normal. At the moment I am healthy and happy. Swamiji, I am indebted to you for the miraculous benefits brought about by Ayurvedic treatment and Yoga, and congratulate you on the mission of health that you are running!

Rajeshwar Prasad Tyagi, 48/10 Rajkamal Kutir, First Civil Lines, In front of Thana Kotwali, Bijnaur (U.P.)

Yoga-pranayama relieved B.P, sugar and other illnesses

I, Premlata Gupta, have taken retirement from State Bank of India. I had been suffering from sugar, B.P. and other illnesses. I do Yoga by watching your programmes. Pranayam not only gave relief in a number of illnesses in me but it also gave me a miraculous result - a new tooth is erupting in my gums (my age is
55 years). For this, I am extremely grateful to you.

Premlata Gupta, House No.: F-67, Lane no. 12, Delhi


I had undergone training in Yoga from 02.09.2006 to 10.09.2006 in Haridwar. I have started yoga classes at home since 17.09.2006, and these are attended by almost 4045 people, morning and evening put together. In June 2007 I went on a pilgrimage to Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath and returned to Jabalpur in July. From 15 July 2007, along with the previous yoga classes, I also started teaching yoga to children at a high school from 1.00 to 2.00 pm in the afternoons.This heavy schedule affected my food habits and lifestyle and suddenly, on 15.08.2007, my blood pressure increased, diabetes increased and there was paralysis of the right limb.I was immediately taken to a doctor. The doctor advised me to get admitted but I came back home and did seven pranayam in ling mudra. As a result, I experienced a miracle and on 22.08.2007, in just 8 days, all my disabilities disappeared. Swamiji, the entire credit goes to the yoga training given by you at Haridwar. At 60 years today, I am a healthy man without any problems and am conducting my yoga classes and camps as earlier. Only as a precaution, I have started using some medicine as prescribed by a Vaid.

H. C. Namdev1262/1 Prakash Tiraha, Jayprakash Nagar, Adhartal, Jabalpur (M.P.) Ph: 0761-2461462


I had been suffering from sugar problems from the past 15-16 years. I had to take insulin injection everyday. I started regular practice of yoga as prescribed by you and also brought about changes in my lifestyle and food habits. Now I do not have to take insulin injections and my sugar also remains normal.

Bhrat Maah Chanditala, Kolkata-40

Diabetes gone, bringing back sweetness into my life

I had been suffering from diabetes for the past 2 years. Allopathic medicine did not help me. I started going to Yoga classes from 16 November 2008. For my meals, I started taking vegetables boiled with dalia. I am not eating anything else. My P.P. sugar came down from 277 to 217, and in 17 days, on 3rd December 2008, my P.P. sugar reached 132. Doctors had postponed a surgery for hydrocele, asking me to first control my sugar. On 4th December, my operation was performed. Swamiji Maharaj! Yoga has given me a new life. In the young age of 35 years, I was feeling helpless and dependent. I feel as if I have been infused with a new energy and been gifted with a new consciousness. My life has become filled with sweetness.

Vishambhar Dayal Nigam, Behind Raghunathji Hospital, Naurangabad, Lakhimpur Khiri (U.P.)

Relief from high BP with the help of pranayam

I have been suffering from high blood pressure for many years. A number of times, I have also lost consciousness because of bleeding from the nose. Even after allopathic treatment at a number of places, I did not get any relief. I tried to do Pranayam by referring to books but did it in the wrong method. However, when I started doing pranayam under the instructions of a Yoga teacher, my blood pressure became normal. For many months now, whenever I have got it checked, my blood pressure has remained normal. I am completely ok even though my food habits are the same. I also haven’t taken any medicine for the past 20 months. Now I have complete belief that Yoga is the only solution to cure any disease from the roots.

Prakash Raj, Chota Bariyarpur, Motihari, East Champaran (Bihar)

Cure of Heart, Kidney, Asthma problems by pranayam

Respected Swami Ji

Everyday I get up at 4:30 in the morning and after getting fresh I sit before my television set to watch your program. Pranayams, taught by you has helped me to overcome my health problems. The regular pranayam practice has helped me to cure my heart, kidney and asthma related problems and my wife’s sugar and B.P. problems.Your “Yog Sandesh magazine” has brought happiness in our lives. Your dream of “Healthy India” will be achieved soon. May God keep you healthy. Many many thanks to you.

Pradeep Verma. Masharucham Road, Bhagalpur.

Kindey stone dissolved by pranayama and medication

Respected Swamiji Maharaj Innumerous salutations.. I, Santosh Dev Burman, am resident of Siligudi, District-Darjeeling. I had two stones of 7mm and 4.5 mm in the kidney which was the cause of worry and distress for me. I took the medicines from Patanjali Yogapeeth Centre, Pradhan Nagar, Silligudi. Vaidyaji told me to pay attention to pranayam (also). After one month when I went in for ultrasound, the doctor checked thrice but the stone was not to be found. I’ll be indebted to you for life.

Santosh Dev Burman, New Colony, Matigara Road, Siligudi, Darjeeling (W.Bengali)

Sugar is normal with yoga-pranayama

I had been suffering from diabetes for many years. In January 2005, when I got my sugar checked, it was 416.  From September 2007, I learnt Pranayam and started doing it with full faith and sincerity. After 6 months, when my sugar was checked, it had come down to 102. Now I am completely alright.

Shobha Devi Baluatal, Motihari, East Champaran (Bihar)

Got rid of Eye Glasses through pranayama

Baba Ramdevji Namsakar, I have been practicing pranayama constantly with the help of Aastha Channel for 2007. I had longsightedness but now I do not need specs (anymore). Black grains like moles that I had under eyes vanished. Now I am perfectly healthy and have glow on my face. Even hair loss has been stopped. I teach in a school and now I also give yoga training to the children.

Mahavir Prasad Amritiya, Badiseri Chowk, Behrawal, Kalapeepas, shazapur, (MP.)

2 Years old Thyroid Cured

I used to have frequent fevers for the past two years. I consulted many doctors but got only partial relief then on 16th November 2009 I visited Vaidya Sushant Mishra at Patanjali Yogapeeth. He diagnosed me for the typhoid after getting my viral test and gave the medicine for the same. My fever was relieved in just one week and after one month my viral report also was tested negative at Patanjali Yogapeetha. Now I feel myself completely healthy and delighted. All my medications have been stopped now.

 Ajay Kumar Nautiyal, Village – Halgaanv, Post – Maharganv Chinyalisaud, Uttarkaashi, Uttarakhand

Yoga and heral medicines to improve fertility

I, Saroj Singh (40 years), is a resident of Pradhan Nagar, Siliguri. I was not blessed with a child till this age even after trying every kind of allopathic treatments. Then I went to your local centre and as per advice of the Vaid ji I took medicines. Along with the medication I started practicing yoga & pranayam by seeing Astha channel on TV. I also attended a yoga camp, organized by your institution.With the combined effect of yoga and medicines I was blessed with a son and got rid of all social atrocities and evils.I promise to continue yoga for rest of my life and encourage others to do so.

Saroj Singh, Devkota Road, Pradhan Nagar, Siliguri.

Cure Heriditary problem of white spot dermatitis with pranayam

I have white spots on my skin for the last 35 years.These spots are genetic.My maternal uncle and his son is also having the same problem.Thus this problem is hereditary. I got treatment from all the renowned doctors of the country and spend around Rs. 15 lacs , but all in vain. From 8/11/05 I started practicing pranayam continuosly after attending your camp in Udaipur. My white spots are almost 75 % cured and for this I am heartily grateful to you.

Ashok Jain, 8, Sajjan Garh Road, Dudhiya Ganesh Ji, Udaipur

Improvent in Cancer

I’m 55 years old. I had (developed) stomach cancer and was operated in Goa Medical College. After cleaving the stomach doctor found it to be irremovable as the cancer had completely spread out. It was in the third stage and my condition was worse.The doctor stitched the stomach without doing anything and predicted my lifespan merely of 15 days. I started using medicines from Patanjali Yogapeetha and started practicing anuloma-viloma. It’s been months (since then) and I’m absolutely fine now and do all the chores. When I checked-up again it came out that the cancer has neither spread nor increased.

Sawant, Bandekar (Goa)

Relieved from Diabetes

Respected Swamiji I have been watching your programme on Aastha Channel for one year. I was developed diabetes in September 2006. I took lots of allopathic and homeopathic medicines but nothing worked for me. Finally I was moved towards yogasana and pranayama. For approximately 2 months I have been practicing anulom-viloma, kapaalbhati, bhastrika, bhramri etc after coming from stool. I also practice Mandookasana and Kurmasana which are the most effective asana for diabetes. My sugar report is 113 on empty stomach and 120 after meals. I feel great because in early days it (my sugar level) used to be between 250 to 300. Doing pranayama has been very effective (for me) and now I wish to continue for whole of my life. Your blessings and preachings will always be by my side.

Rajan Saharishi, 55, Lakshmibayi Marga, Mashwar, Khargaun (MP)