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Patanjali Yog Peeth - Swami Ramdev Ashram

Patanajali Yog Peeth in Haridwar is a center of Yoga and Ayurveda activities in India built on the name of Maharishi Patanjali who invented Yoga 5000 years ago. The ashram is run under the guidance of Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj who has revived Yoga and spreading it all over the world. Patahnajali Yog peeth provides various facilities such as Yoga Classes, Accommodation, Natural health therapies, Ayurvedic treatments, Accommodation, canteen, OPD and admiting patients for long term disease treatment. Any one can visit and stay at patanjali Yog peeth and avail these facilities in a very hygienic, clean and well maintained area. I have been great fan of Yoga and Pranayama for last 2 years after it changed the way I lived my life and since then I have been wanting to visit patanjali yog peeth inspired by swami ramdev who has helped me learning and practicing yoga. Finally the day came when I got the chance to visit this place dedicated to Yoga.

How to Reach

Pathanjali yog peeth is located on the National highway 58 (NH58 Hwy) in Haridwar on the Roorkee road. It is very easily accessible due to its location on the highway approximately 10 KM before the Haridwar town coming from Roorkee in a very peaceful and green area surrounded by lush green farm lands. NH58 highway through out the journey is a single lane busy highway mostly crowded with the trucks and tourists making their journey to and from Haridwdar/Rishkesh region. I reached Patanjali Yog Peeth at near 12:30 AM on my car traveling near about 230 Km from Gurgaon.

Where to Stay

I was wondering if I would get the entrance in ashram since it was very late and would it be possible to get the accommodation also for a night. I got out of my car and approached the massive main gate of Ashram to ask for the permission to get inside. Guard was very generous, open heartedly he opened the door and showed me the way to the reception where I can ask for the room to stay at night. I found that Ashram is never closed and open 24x7 for the visitors. Although it was dark but still I could see the surroundings of Ashram with fountains, gardens, ever thing well maintained, clean and peaceful. Half of my tiredness seems went away by the moment I was inside the Ashram. On reaching the reception I could see no body and had to knock the table to get help as it was late night. Finding no body I went deeper into the complex, on my right side I found 2 people sitting near by computer to help me and it seems that my knowcking just woke them up. They asked me for the reason to visit the Yog peeth and I mentioned that I am interested in attending a Yoga class in the morning. After some formalities for the registration I got a very clean room in 300 INR which is very reasonable cost in comparison to other hotels in Haridwar. The room was vary spacious and had most of the modern facilities like Sofa, Beds, table, attached bathroom with hot water.

What to see and do

I had a good sleep in the night and woke up early morning with the chirping of birds outside my window. Cool and refreshing air breeze touched my body and left a shiver as I came outside my room into the balcony attached. After getting fresh I decided to explore the Ashram in detail so I came down to the main town hall and asked the staff what time and where Yoga classes starts. I was hoping that Yoga class will held in the main town hall but later I got to know classes are held in open due to summers approaching in Yagya shala where daily Yagya is performed before the yoga class. After making sure that there is some time in morning Yoga class to start I came out of the town hall in open area out of the building.

The view out side the building was magnificent the whole Ashram was surrounded by lush green gardens decorated with beautiful flowers spreading its fragrance every where. Plenty of beautiful water fountains have been placed near the walking paths and passing these fountains gives you such a refreshing experience. Well maintained walking tracks have been built passing through the gardens which takes you around the whole complex. The complex has various buildings each for its unique purpose like there is separate building for canteen, treatment, Yagyas and poojas etc. Various villas are also in construction around the complex and I hope one can try buying a permanent place here. The complex also has a nursery where all the plants and trees are grown useful in Ayurvedic medical treatment. This nursery and laboratory producing Ayurvedic medicines are managed by Swami Balkrishna Ji maharaj whose knowledge of Ayurveda is far beyond the limits.

After looking around the whole Ashram and getting refreshed I headed towards the Yagya shala where Yoga class was supposed to take place. In the early morning when I visited Yagya shala I could see a Havan kund in the middle where puja finished. Yagya shala was a open area with a umbrella like roof top on a plinth made up of marble. The place was big enough to accommodate 100 people to practice Yoga. I was the first one to reach Yagya shala but at that time hardly saw any one there. After couple of minutes more people joined me but we kept waiting for the yoga guru to come and teach us. After a long wait when no yoga guru appeared which looked very strange to me I did my own pranayama practice for one hour with other people. It seemed that all the gurus that day have gone to world yoga festival in Rishikesh operated by pramarth niketan so no one was there for the yoga practice session.

Where to eat

After Yoga session I headed towards Bhojnalaya (Canteen) for my morning breakfast. The canteen serves wide variety of very healthy and hygienic food such as sprouts, Daliya, hot milk and tea, puri chole, aloo puri, sandwiches and some very delicious sweet dishes. The rates of eatable items in the canteens are very nominal and cost effective. After finishing the breakfast I came back to the town hall and asked if Swami Ramdev is in town but unfortunately he was not there as he is very busy person spending his whole time teaching yoga to people traveling place to place.

Medical Facilities

In the main town hall I could see people waiting in OPD section for their turn to meet doctors for Ayurvedic treatments. Lot of locals and people across the world travel to patanjali yog peeth to get ayurvedic medication as ashram also operates a very big laboratory which makes ayurvedic medicines with the fresh Jadi/Butis (Herbs) planted in the nursery near ashram premises. In the laboratory research is being conducted on some very serious diseases like cancer and aids. Thousands of patients after loosing their hopes with modern medical treatments have come here and got well. Patients also get admissions for long term treatments where ashram also provides ambulance and ICU facilities. People admitted for long term treatment can attend regular yoga classes in morning which also helps in curing their diseases a lot.

Fast Facts

  • Visitors to the Ashram are not supposed to carry or have any drugs, tobacco and any kind of alcohol.
  • People attending yoga classes should be wearing track suits, pajamas, cotton suits and also should carry a mat with them.
  • Small children are not allowed in yoga classes to avoid disturbance.
  • Accommodation can be booked once you are in Patanjali Yog peeth premises but it is advisable to check with the ashram in advance.
  • General visitors can only stay in the Ashram for 3 days and not more then that but people with longer treatment have the option to extend their stay in Ashram.

At the end after spending another hour taking pictures of Ashram I met a 74 years old man (Mahadev) who traveled almost whole India on his cycle and then I packed my stuff to check out and continue my journey towards Haridwar.

Contact Numbers and Timings


The Timings of Patanjali Yogpeeth, Hardwar- O.P.D are 6:00 am - 8:00 pm .

Phone:-01334- 240008, 244107, 246737,011- 1555000,01334- 244805,240664.